Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Look What you Did"

Yesterday was busily anticipated as my semester ended and we are getting ready to take a new adventure. I was hesitant about group, not having done my homework and struggling to learn through my suffering. Steven, as always, brought everything right back into perspective. We have our penance for this month...turns out I was not the only one struggling. Amazing...what happens when you connect.

Yesterday's group was beautifully eye opening, invigorating, connected and calm. We spoke of the Four Wise Men who rule their realms trying to convince you that they are the only King. We spoke of personal truth. We spoke of truth. Facts are true, stories are true, feelings are true, ideas are true...but all four make the personal truth.

We spoke of needing to know the "bad" in order to know the "good." We spoke of the healing powers of wait...that was later in the night as we got home and people began to gather around the fire.

I believe this is the third gathering of this round of drummings we decided to do. The first two slowly making their way to culminate in last night. Drumming started around 7pm, just as the Sun began to descend behind the trees...and CONTINUED with one small break for about 20 minutes until almost 11pm. Yes, we needed to stop at 10, but the last round...there were only four drummers and three with shakers....was quiet, consistent, meditative.

At one point in the evening, Roberta turned to me and said..."look what you did." She was referring to the people on my lawn. Yes...look what WE did. A treat, there were some original Bookstore Drummers there last night. I miss the Bookstore...

A man, who came quietly to the bookstore one night and proceeded to blow us away with his increasing confidence, wanders the nearby drum circles. Last night, he came to us.

At the break, I went over to him and said, "you just keep going." And I smiled, I loved it! He said, "There is always time to talk. I don't get why people wouldn't drum when the opportunity to drum is now." So we began again with a light beat until others began to wander back.

That is what I remember loving about drumming....DRUMMING! And that we did until 11pm. Roberta picked up the end of the circle with a bit of guitar and singing, and we all joined in.

At some point, people naturally got up and helped me carry in the food and then we had great conversation until after midnight. I spoke with a woman, there for the first time about Judaism, living in Israel, food and community. She asked me if she could wash her dish in my sink....of course. But her experiece in the US has taught her different. It has made her hesitant to do what is normal to her when someone invites her to their home. I said that people in the US didn't understand community, and she nodded.

Roberta and I connected in the kitchen. Rebecca and I connected on the porch. Justice and I connected as we danced around the fire and he fought every step of the way going to sleep (he never did). Orien and I connected as our lips pressed together as I swirled around the fire. There were so many real...connected....moments.

Our next drum circle is at the end of the month. The end of the night brought discussion about tablas, harps, didjeridoos and meeting again in a few weeks. We all said we were looking forward to it!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Many Blessings

Weigh heavy...but it is a good, sturdy feeling!

I am looking forward to the next drumming on August 9th at 6pm. Hope to see you all there! Please, bring a food or beverage source to share! Bring some healing energy to pass on to those who need it. During the 10-12 slot, we will put some energy out to those who need it.