Thursday, July 10, 2008

and I wonder...-O

So I hand out cards to folks for DRR and I wonder ? What did the music teacher at school think when I gave her one. Funny thing she said, "Oh you're Christine's husband, I thought you looked familiar". I love that. The stack I gave Phoenix when he said he would hand them out, where are they? Lynns went right into the day timer. She has the best fullest book ever. I mean no shit she could probably ring up the Pope if she needed to. So, that card was well placed. I give out cards to cool folks I see along the way. I wonder if and what our future paths will bring us. So if you see me and I haven't given you a card remind me and I will be happy to give you one, a few if you think you will pass them on, and a handful if your going to be traveling to any local events.

Why do I want this to grow? I don't know. Its like when you see something at a thrift store and it calls to you. It comes home and then one day you need it. I will, we might, so lets.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So good for my soul! - Christine

I have to say that the drumming has been so good for my soul. I am inspired, motivated, creative at the moment and enjoying it. I am enjoying much so, I decided to do a self-portrait photo shoot last night in the hot confines of the cuddle room.

The inserted picture, one of the fruits of being with myself, and in a sense, getting to know myself even better. I have almost completed the sex education tool I am working on, does that energy resonate from here on the property. From people around, moving energy...drumming it up! I can't wait until August 9th!

If you want more details about the photo shoot and the sex education tool (or you want to help with some questions) you will find it at Let's Talk...About Sex.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I wanted vs I got -O

I wanted bla blah BLAHHHHH I forgot the no expectations rule.

What I got was good friends that have been around for a long time. And when I turned to my brother Phoenix and interrupted his conversation on the porch to say, "I need to drum." We did without another word. That means the world to me. Some things go my way easily. Some I gotta hone and polish. I had A great time. I would like to see the drumming take off on our property. If it does great, if it doesn't I'll find others to drum with elsewhere. One thing I got out of Saturdays drumming was when I'm doin it my mind is free and my body is well occupied. I like playing with my wife, and my friends. Its like talking without all the chatter.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Drum awake to music lived- Christine

Saturday was the first drumming on the property I attended. Orien's idea originally, I had to let him know that I couldn't be as committed as previous groups we had run, and that may mean I was not in attendance at some or most. He shared the same sentiments, knowing we could do it if at least one of us were here. We agreed we wanted to bring some of that energy back to the property more consistently than the occasional Sabbat.

However, before the second one neared, I made the decision to jump in with two feet to re-create a sacred space around our fire that not only included ritual, but had room for sacred drumming, dancing and music. There was a time when I coordinated musical events and I miss that.

It is slow to start, as all things grow. I remember the first few drummings at the bookstore where people wandered in, slowly, unsure. All age and skill levels ventured through the doors until the novices became the experts, not by our teaching, but by our coaxing to let go.

There are no mistakes, is how we ran it, as long as you played from the heart. It didn't matter if you had played for years and knew every intricate rhythm that crossed the seas, or if you felt pulled to place your hand upon the skin for the first time. We all played together, without reserve. Six and a half years (it would have continued had the store not closed) proved we took a good approach.

Saturday proved slightly frustrating to me, as I really needed to blow a few off, or have a lengthy steady stream of release. However, the joy of being around the fire, the inconsistent rounds of drumming as they were, FAR outweighed the frustration. Perhaps because at some point, I just decided to keep on, even if no one else did...or more likely the company that we held was comfortable, needed.

Orien joined me at the fire, drum in hand, and he and I got a few moments. It opened up a chasm that the light had long deserted between us...and music has happened each day, even if only a few notes at a time since.

Thank you.

Saturday, July 5, 2008



I woke up early felt like shit, worked it out, made coffee, now I'm stoked for a:



Dreams and Preference - Christine

My dream: We are packing our stuff, getting ready to leave and go home. A fire begins to ravish the house we were staying in. I am packing my car, leaving the residence that was gracious enough to hold us, and it starts to burn in the kitchen. Needing to pack out, Orien and I run to get our gear out to his car. My car is in a dangerous area, and we need to get it out. It’s way to close and will be engulfed if we don’t move quick. Orien Rose is not with us yet, but she shows up from somewhere. We yell to her to get into the car as we would in a situation like this, and she does, but she is a little boy.

A co-worker comes out and tries to gossip with me as she gets in her car. Ignoring the impending danger, she keeps talking. I blow her off. I hear Orien Rose in the car crying, I tell her we will be right back and Orien and I run. Our legs are moving so fast I can’t see them, and I know that I shouldn’t be able to breathe, but I can just fine.

My heart wrenches as I leave my child crying in the car, not too far from where we are, but not the focus none the less as I try to retrieve my Prius before the flames reach out and lick them. I hear the cadence of the cry, and it is disturbing and I am pulled towards it and out of my dream…awake.

There was no crying in the house, only an upset Orien finding his way to the bathroom. He, the sleep-until-at-least-11am guy, was up at 6:30am. So, either he had not gone to sleep or he was in his head. Turns out he was in his head. You see, he is a body-first person and when he goes into his head like that, it is all over him. It is permeable, thick around his being. He no longer has control of his auric bubble as his head distracts him and it becomes very evident to me along the way.

So, I awoke too because I am the once-I-am-up-I-can’t-go-back-to-sleep girl. Yesterday, I made a wish that Orien would be up before me and make ME coffee as I woke. Looks like that is (sort of) coming true today, and I remember how powerful wishes can be.

I am a mind-first person, and we balance each other well. When I am in my body, the mind takes a nap. I am not as quick to answer, but stare rather like a fey. For those used to the fluidity of my mind to find the answer, this can be annoying. For me, I rather enjoy it when it happens.

For example: I got a new facial piercing a few weeks back, and I was punched into my body. It was nice to enjoy complete body connection (though I would love to be able to do it this completely without the punch), feeling the Earth as it swayed, my body’s dance with it. It was even funnier to become conscious for a second at the meaning of the looks on Gordon and Orien’s faces. They were trying to decide which one was going to put down their bowl of chili to catch me should I fall. Me, I just kept swaying and giggled.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Live Here - O aka Orien aka Papa aka Darkson

For this life's sake lets go with, my name is "O" (easy to spell & I'm allways around). Why are we doing this? Simple answer, Cause we do things here. Fun things, firey things, community based things, Musikal things (spelled to look like its old english so ya know its special).

My lovely and I have wanted to work together writing for some time and we figured we would write what we know. We know how to make things happen up & down the dirt road. Many folks have traveled here some have been coming regular for years. A few ran away and fewer were asked to forget how they got here. Some very special folks have stayed and even laid down roots of there own.

I know we'll see familiar faces around this summer's fires and I'm looking forward to seeing some new ones too if that serves the greater good.

So if you need something, let me know I'll see what I can do.


Opening Thoughts - Christine

Orien and I have been through quite a bit this past year with Orien Rose's accident, the expansion of our students who are well on their own way, family dynamics changing (I am going to be an AUNT...twice, soon), the induction of the Emergence Teacher's Group for both Orien and I. Needless to say, life has brought an abundance of healing.

This morning, Orien is cleaning up his side of the room while I get the cards ready for our next Fire, Drum, Dance and Music Celebration tomorrow evening. He and I have discussed how to put this out there on the web, so here it is. Please feel free to forward it.

How it works for these events is, if you have previously traveled up (or down) the Dirt Road, you are welcome. If you would like to bring guests or invite them (you can pick up additional cards tomorrow), they come on your vouch. Once they have traveled with us, then they are welcome with a standing invite and can invite others.

I am excited to see a new chapter in our life open up as this takes off. If all goes well, we will purchase a large tipi (one that can fit up to 40 people in it) to maintain the monthly event.

This blog is an arena for Orien and I to keep you informed of the events and happenings, but also for our own personal musings with each other. To make it easier, when we post we will use a picture of ourselves to denote who it is (from the start). I hope you enjoy the show!