Monday, July 7, 2008

Drum awake to music lived- Christine

Saturday was the first drumming on the property I attended. Orien's idea originally, I had to let him know that I couldn't be as committed as previous groups we had run, and that may mean I was not in attendance at some or most. He shared the same sentiments, knowing we could do it if at least one of us were here. We agreed we wanted to bring some of that energy back to the property more consistently than the occasional Sabbat.

However, before the second one neared, I made the decision to jump in with two feet to re-create a sacred space around our fire that not only included ritual, but had room for sacred drumming, dancing and music. There was a time when I coordinated musical events and I miss that.

It is slow to start, as all things grow. I remember the first few drummings at the bookstore where people wandered in, slowly, unsure. All age and skill levels ventured through the doors until the novices became the experts, not by our teaching, but by our coaxing to let go.

There are no mistakes, is how we ran it, as long as you played from the heart. It didn't matter if you had played for years and knew every intricate rhythm that crossed the seas, or if you felt pulled to place your hand upon the skin for the first time. We all played together, without reserve. Six and a half years (it would have continued had the store not closed) proved we took a good approach.

Saturday proved slightly frustrating to me, as I really needed to blow a few off, or have a lengthy steady stream of release. However, the joy of being around the fire, the inconsistent rounds of drumming as they were, FAR outweighed the frustration. Perhaps because at some point, I just decided to keep on, even if no one else did...or more likely the company that we held was comfortable, needed.

Orien joined me at the fire, drum in hand, and he and I got a few moments. It opened up a chasm that the light had long deserted between us...and music has happened each day, even if only a few notes at a time since.

Thank you.

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