Friday, July 4, 2008

Opening Thoughts - Christine

Orien and I have been through quite a bit this past year with Orien Rose's accident, the expansion of our students who are well on their own way, family dynamics changing (I am going to be an AUNT...twice, soon), the induction of the Emergence Teacher's Group for both Orien and I. Needless to say, life has brought an abundance of healing.

This morning, Orien is cleaning up his side of the room while I get the cards ready for our next Fire, Drum, Dance and Music Celebration tomorrow evening. He and I have discussed how to put this out there on the web, so here it is. Please feel free to forward it.

How it works for these events is, if you have previously traveled up (or down) the Dirt Road, you are welcome. If you would like to bring guests or invite them (you can pick up additional cards tomorrow), they come on your vouch. Once they have traveled with us, then they are welcome with a standing invite and can invite others.

I am excited to see a new chapter in our life open up as this takes off. If all goes well, we will purchase a large tipi (one that can fit up to 40 people in it) to maintain the monthly event.

This blog is an arena for Orien and I to keep you informed of the events and happenings, but also for our own personal musings with each other. To make it easier, when we post we will use a picture of ourselves to denote who it is (from the start). I hope you enjoy the show!


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Lynn said...

Glad things are going well. I just experienced a drumming/chanting circle with Kellianna last week. Loved the energy of it all.
I wish we lived closer to you guys because I'd certainly stop in for one of your events. Sounds really cool.