Friday, July 4, 2008

I Live Here - O aka Orien aka Papa aka Darkson

For this life's sake lets go with, my name is "O" (easy to spell & I'm allways around). Why are we doing this? Simple answer, Cause we do things here. Fun things, firey things, community based things, Musikal things (spelled to look like its old english so ya know its special).

My lovely and I have wanted to work together writing for some time and we figured we would write what we know. We know how to make things happen up & down the dirt road. Many folks have traveled here some have been coming regular for years. A few ran away and fewer were asked to forget how they got here. Some very special folks have stayed and even laid down roots of there own.

I know we'll see familiar faces around this summer's fires and I'm looking forward to seeing some new ones too if that serves the greater good.

So if you need something, let me know I'll see what I can do.


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