Thursday, July 10, 2008

and I wonder...-O

So I hand out cards to folks for DRR and I wonder ? What did the music teacher at school think when I gave her one. Funny thing she said, "Oh you're Christine's husband, I thought you looked familiar". I love that. The stack I gave Phoenix when he said he would hand them out, where are they? Lynns went right into the day timer. She has the best fullest book ever. I mean no shit she could probably ring up the Pope if she needed to. So, that card was well placed. I give out cards to cool folks I see along the way. I wonder if and what our future paths will bring us. So if you see me and I haven't given you a card remind me and I will be happy to give you one, a few if you think you will pass them on, and a handful if your going to be traveling to any local events.

Why do I want this to grow? I don't know. Its like when you see something at a thrift store and it calls to you. It comes home and then one day you need it. I will, we might, so lets.


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